Less Chaos. More Quality Time.


Here's how Joe and Susan make it happen with HelloSimplify. 


Meet Joe & Susan. 

Joe and Susan live a busy life - they both have full-time jobs as Head of Sales and Director of Marketing for fast-growing companies. They travel a lot for work and they're dedicated parents to Simon, 8 and Jasmine, 11.

Outside of work and parenting - they love to keep themselves active and healthy by playing golf, taking vacations, and making time to celebrate important milestones with friends. 

Their secret? It's HelloSimplify. It helps them lead a fulfilling life - without feeling out of control, getting stuck in a rut, or feeling guilty for being a "bad parent".


Their life with HelloSimplify

Sunday, 2 pm

Before HelloSimplify, Sunday afternoons were dedicated to matching up work and personal calendars, printing out school schedules for the kids (to put on the fridge) and informing each other about upcoming work trips. Now, Joe and Susan update the app during the week as things come up - which means Sunday afternoons are reserved for relaxation (and cuddles). Just like it should be!


Mon, 6 am

It's time to prepare for the new week. Susan gets a text from her boss saying she has to show up for a meeting on Wed at 8am. Susan needs to decide who is dropping the kids off, but she doesn't need to make frantic phone calls anymore. She sends a message to the grandparents in the "Family" group - and gets it sorted in just seconds. (It works just like Whatsapp!)


Tue, 5 pm

Joe is taking Jasmine to the doctor today for a high fever. When the assistant asks about Jasmine's last vaccination - Joe is not trying to remember when it was. He opens up HelloSimplify and finds the vaccination details from 3 months ago. Boom!


Tue, 6.30 pm

On the way back from work, Susan checks the app to see what she needs to buy at the grocery store. Joe checked off milk, bread, and eggs that he picked up in the morning, so Susan knows exactly what she needs to get when she arrives. No more extras crowding up the fridge!


Wed, 8 am

When Susan is busy at that important meeting, grandma has already dropped the kids off at school and sent a happy selfie with the kids singing in the car. Susan looks at her messages after the meeting and gets on with work knowing that everything is under control at home.  


Wed, 6 pm

Joe creates a shared class calendar with other parents and teachers when he's at the monthly PTA meeting at school. Now, when new events come up for Simon's class, the teachers enter it into the "Class Parents" group - and all the parents get updated right away!


Thu, 2 pm

Susan is throwing a big 40 birthday brunch for Jessa (her high-school best friend) with 2 other friends on Saturday. She creates a new group to coordinate all the to-dos, food and drinks, receipts for purchases, and gifts with her friends. Nothing gets left out and Susan is ready to throw the best party ever for Jessa - with zero hassles. 


Fri, 11 am

Joe gets a message from the kids' swimming instructor in the "Swimming Parents" group that the class is canceled due to renovations at the pool. He sees that Susan's schedule is open - so he decides to take them out for burgers and ice-cream in the evening to end the week on a happy note.

shutterstock_389653426 (1).jpg

Sat, 9 am

Susan and Joe are planning the week's golf game with friends - it's their attempt to stay healthy and spend some time away from the kids, together. Within the "Golf Buddies" group - they see that everyone is free on Sun morning, so they lock-in the time with their friends easily & inform the grandparents to take the kids for the day. More fun times, without the back-and-forth!


Sun, 11 am

Joe and Susan are ready to take on the new week all over again.