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Crazy schedules making you anxious?

Being a busy, working parent in the 21st century is not a cake-walk (to say the least). Sure, you have smartphones and iPads to keep your little ones distracted, but you still have the big stuff on your mind, like…

  • Your upcoming promotion (and the long hours you need to put in to make it happen)
  • Little Sam's tennis lesson, vaccination, doctor's appointments, art class, and 'Blue Day' at school
  • The weekly grocery list, and food prep
  • Your husband's (or wife's) business trips, meetings, and hobbies
  • Organizing your best friend's Big 40 birthday brunch
  • A trip with friends (that you've spent months planning!)
  • Your twice-a-week much-needed sanity break (aka yoga class or tennis game)
  • Personal projects, like renovating your home or working on a passion project
  • Coordinating all of the above..so that you don't end up missing a critical appointment

All of these to-dos are enough to make any Super(wo)man anxious, especially when your plans are made on tiny Post-It notes stuck on the fridge door, and easily forgotten once you step out of your door.  Plus, it’s harder to share tasks and get help when you’re planning it all alone!


Get your family's plans off the fridge and into your phone.


Get your family's plans off the fridge and into your phone.

There is a better place to organize your plans (and get a lot of help while you're making it happen). It's called HelloSimplify.

It is designed to help busy parents organize their family's to-dos, conversations, plans, documents, grocery lists, appointments and notes easily -- all while sharing it with the right people and getting updates from them on the go.


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Our mission

"Helping busy parents achieve the highest levels of happiness, productivity, and fulfillment in their everyday lives - as individuals and as leaders of their family"

As working professionals and busy parents, we know there are many other things you'd rather do than coordinate and plan your family's day-to-day lives. That's why we set out to make it simpler, more efficient and faster - so that you can get it done easily, and move on to what you love doing (like playing with your kid or having a date with your partner).




We're a lean, remote team of technologists, innovators, parents and travel enthusiasts spread across Singapore and India.

HelloSimplify was founded by Jerker and Linda who have a long history of working in various CEO and CFO roles in technology, finance, and manufacturing - helping companies increase their efficiency, profits and employee satisfaction. After becoming parents, they realized that their lives (and their friends' lives) were getting more hectic year after year -- but there was no elegant solution to help them make plans efficiently, and free up time to do other things they love.

And so, they set out to scratch their own itch, and aim to help millions of other parents create a more balanced, happy and organized life in the process.


Press and Partnerships

The founders are available for interviews and press interactions. Contact us at hello@hellosimplify.com to get more details about the product and the company.


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