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The hassle-free way to organize your family's everything.


Most parents organize their family's daily life on the fridge door, inside their head, or across 7 different apps on their phone. Here's why you should switch to HelloSimplify - the only family organizer app designed to keep busy parents sane, happy and totally in control.  


Let’s start with the great big list of features. In case you're a list-loving person.

  • The only app you'll need to organize your family's everything.
  • Invite your friends and family to your groups.
  • Organize your events, documents, and conversations within groups.
  • View all your events in the main calendar.
  • Attach notes, lists, and documents directly inside events.
  • Chat directly inside groups or with specific people.
  • Upload documents, photos, and files from your phone or from the cloud.
  • See updates across all your groups as they happen inside the Activity Feed.

Made for busy parents who have a lot on their plate.
So that they can say "Goodbye!" to the chaos and "Hello!" to more fun memories.


With other "organizer" apps, you are always switching between paper, apps, and websites to get all the features you need. Not with HelloSimplify.


Share everything with the right people in your life - using Groups.


No other family organizer app makes it this easy to create, update and share all your events, to-dos and plans with different people in your life. Planning your friend's wedding with 3 other bridesmaids? A boys trip to Spain? Carpooling with other parents for the week?

Just create a new Group, invite your friends, and make sharing 10x easier.

Use Groups to add more sanity to planning...

Work Projects, Parties, Sports Teams, School Trips and Events, Your Kids To-Do's, Vacations.


Start private conversations within Groups

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No more switching between Whatsapp, Messenger, and WeChat to talk to different people. Get help faster. Share happy news. Know what your kids are doing (and where they are). It has everything you need - emojis, photos, videos and location sharing.


Sync all your calendars in one place.

Every kind of calendar in your life - your work, personal appointments, your partners' schedule and your kids' school calendar - can be synced easily with HelloSimplify. View all your events in a simple 1-day, 3-day, weekly or monthly overview and make your new plans a lot faster. Works with G-Cal, iCal, Outlook, and most other calendar apps.



Attach notes, lists, and documents directly into events.

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Find all the right information easily by attaching them directly to events - like flight tickets, prescriptions, vaccination information, excursion packing lists and more. Keep your friends and family on the same page - so that they can help you get things done faster.


Get instant updates when your plans change.

The best part about working with other people in your life is that you're always updated when things change. You'll never have to worry about showing up at a canceled event, sending your kid to school in the wrong costume, or missing Sports Day - because it's all available to you on your phone, with instant notifications.


Take your lists with you on-the-go.

Never forget the grocery list on the fridge door ever again. Add your list directly to events, so you can find it easily, share tasks with your friends & family, and see when something gets ticked off the list instantly. It's like putting your old to-do lists on steroids!


All your files - wherever you need them.

Attach all your important documents (prescriptions, vaccination details, flight tickets, contracts and more) by using email, camera or direct upload from the cloud. Never feel frazzled about leaving important files behind.


Manage all your data securely.

With HelloSimplify, all your data is backed up and protected - which means total confidentiality, privacy, and security for everything you say, share and create inside the app.


Your phone goes everywhere with you - and now, so will your plans.

Organize your life faster, get more free time and make beautiful memories with the people who matter with HelloSimplify. Get started with the free app today!